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I have got more than 15 years of experience in live performance, composition, arranging, sound designing, audio engineering and teaching about Jazz, Fusion, Latin, Funk, Pop and World Music, using both acoustic and electronic instruments plus all kind of gear. Moreover, I will guide through the dark sides of the Improvisation. I can help you develop your personality through the music and I can teach you how to become the teacher of yourself. My goal is to share knowledge, experience, proficiency, commitment, endeavour and love for music by reaching out to as many people as I can. My one-on-one mentorship program is designed to give you the knowledge and technical skills you'll need to enter a highly competitive industry with confidence, while fitting around your schedule. Sign up and get one-on-one with me!

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MARCO RONCA is one of the most versatile piano player and currently performs on different projects as leader and sideman. His most recent single, produced by Albert Lindo Fiorentù, is a romantic salsa which is going to be released soon through Downbridge Publishing/Alosibla Music Group on streaming platforms. For more than 15 years, Marco has been working at the highest level of music, performing and collaborating with many major musicians such as Stjepko Gut, Louis Dowdeswell, John Webber, Ismael Barrios, Wolfgang Tozzi, Valerio Galla. He has also composed music for several projects played at national and international venues. By composing stylistically appropriate music across a wide range of genres, Marco’s ability to enhance the experience of the audience is what makes him unique. Supporting the narrative and serving the story are always the primary objectives when it comes to his compositional approach. Marco's ability to elevate involvement through his well defined musical voice is what makes his contribution so valuable. marco ronca - kx5 1 marcoronca-profilepic3 ​His latest salsa single "No Te Detengas" was released February 2020 on streaming platforms worldwide. One of his recent singles "El Fantasma" was shortlisted for the 2019 NewGen Salsa Top 50 Playlist, along with "No Te Detengas". A long time collaborator with DJ/Producer Albert Lindo Fiorentù and mixing/mastering engineer Gaspare D'Acquisto, they have worked together on a number of songs, including those published by Downbridge Publishing/Alosibla Music Group. Marco's compositional work includes both songs and scores for media. Shortly after moving to Graz, he began assisting projects and then continued as a keyboard player for their Jazz and Latin shows. Not only a musician, Marco is also a Composer, Mixing Engineer and Music Teacher. He has recorded and produced 2 original singles and performs with his bands in Italy and Austria. Currently his craft can be heard on all the streaming platforms. His works have been recorded with some of the best musicians and have been produced by the composer himself. In addition to conventional musical composition, Marco specialises in contemporary hybrid scores. By combining modern electronic elements with the now standard acoustic pallet, Marco creates a unique and identifiable sonic identity for every project. The quality of the above-mentioned productions is illustrated by the national and international accolades they have received, as well as their selection for exhibition at numerous widely attended and high-profile international schools, festivals and radio broadcasts.


​Marco studied Jazz Music at KunstUni Graz in Graz (AT) and majored in Jazz Piano Performance. Marco has also attended KunstUni's Music Education Undergraduate Program and Jazz Piano Graduate Program in Graz (AT).

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Brandhofgasse 20, 8010 Graz, Österreich

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