Mastering the Classical Guitar: Journey from Beginner to Advanced

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You can learn to play the classical guitar from the beginner to an advanced level on the lessons with me. My main goal is to teach my student very strong basic skills with which one can develop her-/himself later on her/his own. Personalized Repertoire: Together, we'll curate a repertoire that aligns with your preferences and aspirations. This ensures a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience as we work towards mastering suggested and favorite pieces. Joyful Learning: Music is an expression of joy, and I believe that learning should reflect that. Each lesson is designed to be engaging, interactive, and inspiring, fostering an environment where your passion for the classical guitar can truly flourish. Progressive Advancement: Whether you're just starting your musical journey or seeking to refine your existing skills, this course accommodates all levels. I'll progressively elevate your proficiency and challenge your capabilities, marking significant achievements along the way.

Lebenslauf von Márton


Béla-Bartók-Konservatorium | 2021–2023 Jenő Ádám Musikschule | 2018-2019 Privatlehrer seit 2017


Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz Instrumentalstudien - Masterprogramm Gitarre | 2021-aktuell Franz-Liszt-Musikakademie Lehramtsmaster (MEd) | 2022-2023 Franz-Liszt-Musikakademie Masterprogramm - Klassische Gitarre (MA) | 2019-2021 Franz-Liszt-Musikakademie Bachelorprogramm - Klassische Gitarre (BA) | 2016-2019


– Neues nationales Exzellenzprogramm des Ministeriums für Humanressourcen (2020/2021) –Ida Presti Gitarrenwettbewerb - 2.Preis (Kroatien, 2020) – Krynica-Zdrój Internationaler Gitarrenwettbewerb - 3. Preis (Polen,2020) – Alirio Diaz Internationaler Gitarrenwettbewerb Rust - 3. Preis (Österreich, 2018) –I. Nationaler Jugendgitarrenwettbewerb - 1. Preis (Ungarn, 2017) – V. Internationaler Gitarrenwettbewerb - Backa Topola - 1. Preis (Serbien, 2017)

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30 Minuten: € 20,00

50 Minuten: € 30,00

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Graz, Österreich

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